Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bad tats are wiggity wiggity wiggity wacked

Sup peeps! I was websurfing today on my lunch break, catching up on my favorite blogs, reading my local paper online and just general wasting-timedness while munching on my lunch and for whatever reason ended up Googlin' "bad tats".

In the spirit of my most favorite-ist blog, the one that made me want to blog in the first place, I have compiled a list for you all to enjoy while you too peruse the web today.

Thanks for the inspiration List of the Day!! Your blog is well planned and thought out, my blog is more like... a haphazard array of... impertinent ruminations. I, one day hope to attain your level of splendor.

HAHAHAHAAH Gotta love !!

some of these pictures are not safe for work
some I am sure you have seen before

you have got to be kidding me? I seriously want 2 unicorns effing on my back? what a douche

Maybe you shouldn't give the tattoo gun to a 10 year old who is exploring their sexuality eh?

I don't even have a smart ass comment for this one

Was is worth 10 grand? I tend to think not so much

How sweet. Your face on another dude's ass. If that doesn't scream homo, I don't know what does

This one just creeps me out on a whole other level

Really. It isn't.

The movie sucked just as bad

Are you trying to tell me something? The least you can do is manicure that fugly toenail.

Kinda cool. Kinda gross. I think its the jumbo nips on his ass cheeks.

I'm here to pick up your daughter, take her to the dance, and then terrify her beyond the boundaries of sanity.

I just want to know how he stayed still. Oh and who shaved his crack.

Now this make me want to date you.

Friends don't let untalented drunks tattoo them

Even in 1989 this wasn't cool.

Ah yes. The classic.

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Manuela said...

Ok... this is hilarious... and also quite disturbing! I already regret my tattoos...