Thursday, September 4, 2008

More of what irritates me

Lately I have been aggravated. With everything. And everyone.

Why you ask?

I dont know. My monthly visitor is not due any time soon, my bank has a positive balance (for now), I still dont have a car yet but Im not really stressing about it and while my S.O is a huge ass sometimes, I have pretty much resigned to ignoring him when he gets...well you know...dickish and my job is pretty much just getting better and better.


I have noticed that when I talk to potential customers and/or current customers* who have questions about their account, there are certain phrases that immediately put me on the defensive. Maybe I have been hearing those phrases more often and hence the aggravation.

So in a feeble attempt to put this giant, monstrous, acid covered, zombie-who-is-lashing-out-at-everyone metaphorical creature away that has infiltrated my personality, I am being my own shrink and purging myself of all this negative energy.

"You people"

Every time I hear the phrase "you people" my skin literally crawls and I physically have to restrain myself from screaming at whoever said it. "You people sent me a bill...." "I have been dealing with you people for..." "Im tired of you people calling..." Im my humble opinion (or maybe not so humble) I think this is the most red necked, inconsiderate, uneducated, ghetto-fied thing you can possibly say to anyone. Say things like "your company", or the company name, or even "you guys"... there is just something about you people that immediately makes me defensive and yes, If I could, I would reach through the phone and poke you in the eye. At the very least I would hang up on you.
"Does a price lock mean I'll get the lower price if the price drops"

Look at the words carefully. Price. Lock. According to the definition of the word "lock" it means immoveable or rigid and so logically if you are "price locked" that would mean....all together now kids... the PRICE DOES NOT CHANGE. I didnt say you could sign up for a price roller coaster, a price elevator, or even a price pogo stick. I said PRICE LOCK. Why is that so effin hard to understand? Even after I have explained, almost as if I am talking to a 3 year old and said "Your price will remain the same, whether the market skyrockets or plummets" I will inevitably hear at least 10 times a day "Well, if the market goes down, you people will give me the lower price right?" AAAAHHHH!!! And then you wonder why I am aggravated?

"Why is ____ getting a better price than I am?"

As I am sure every person on the planet knows, prices change depending on where you are at. Whether you are talking about food, cigarettes, cell phones, utilities or home prices, where you are makes a big difference. My house in L.A. would be shanty, my house in my city makes it ok. Cigarettes in the county next to me are more expensive than my county and the local grocery store has a higher price from the same brand than the discount grocery store. Again, why is this concept so hard to understand? Gas on my side of town is higher than on the other side of town, from the same "brand" gas station. They sell the same gas, they buy it from the same refinery, but the gas station on the corner is a chain with a bakery and a mini mart while the other only has cigarettes and candy. I dont walk into the gas station and say "the gas station down the road has gas for .02 less, why cant you give me that price?" Or "Last year I got gas for 2.67, why is gas so expensive today?". Doesnt anyone watch the news, or read a newspaper, or even just talk to another human being about something other than who won American Idol? Why am I even having to explain this kind of thing to ANYONE? I shouldn't have to explain Econ 101 in order to justify why my prices are what they are.
"I have children"

So do I. Why should that be allowed as an excuse? I am a single parent and have been for quite some time. I would never use my daughter as an excuse to get something for nothing, or to take advantage of a situation, or to drum up sympathy. I dont call my electric company and say "I know I haven't paid you in the past 6 months, but now you are going to turn off my electric. I have kids so you need to keep it on. What? I know I havent paid my bill but I have kids. OH I see, somehow its MY fault that you are turning off my electric?" And yes I understand there are situations beyond the norm, yadda yadda yadda. I am not an unfeeling person. I do sympathize with the newly single parent, or divorced parent who just cant seem to catch a break (been there done that) but honestly. You are able to get your nails done, buy your kids Gap and Old Navy, you drive a new car and you are sportin a Coach purse. I give you no sympathy. Stop trying to make me feel sorry for you. You already recieve food stamps, you get better health care than I pay for and your day care is paid for. You get HEAP, Section 8 and human services paid for you to get a new refridgerator. Just stop it.


That actually helped. Preach on Sister Vickie. Preach on.
* I am in sales as most know. And I guess it comes with the territory, seeing as anytime you mention "sales' you get the inevitable moan, the rolling of the eyes and the sigh. Like I am a drug dealer or something. Look buddy, you called me. I did not solicit you, interrupt your dinner or call you at some ungodly hour of the morning. You called Me. I sell something you are interested in. And while you may come across the "slimy salesperson" I am not the one. You ask an honest question I will give you an honest answer. I wont lie or mislead you intentionally. And if you doubt anything I say, feel free to verify it. Dont be a dick. Amen.

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Manuela said...

Hey, my Coach bag is totally fake! Does that get me some sympathy from you??? Becauae now that I have a brood o' children I can't afford a real one....c'mon now...I love your blogs!!