Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its been while, I know

And I suck. I admit it. Between working and working and life in general, I seem to be busier than I thought possible (did I mention working?). Oh and my car is officially dead. I guess that is my fault for buying a Daewoo in the first place.

Don't laugh.

Ya I know. A Daewoo.

ANYWHO, last night I watched some countdown show on E! (go figure)about the top 15 political sex scandals. And believe it or not, it got me thinking. Is what I do in my personal life enough to get me fired (assuming it is not illegal of course)?

So here is my argument... maybe I am way off base but I kinda don't think so.

Bill Clinton

His indiscretions threw the entire country for a loop. So the man got a blow job. Big whoop. As the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet, there is BOUND to be perks that ANY man would jump all over. Bill was (and in many ways still is) the equivalent of Elvis, had Elvis been in politics. Good looking, powerful, smart, funny, married. That totally makes him doable, regardless of what side of the political arena you are on. Just like Axel Rose, Bret Michaels and Tommy Lee all he has to do is smile and the wetness begins.

The only person who has the right to be pissed off is Hilary. Should the man lose his job because he cant keep it in his pants? Not really. The head of Proctor and Gamble or the CEO of Exxon should not be have to be held at a higher moral standard just because of their position. If what they do on their own time and with their own money is legal, then have at it.

Bill had an affair. Plain and simple. It was consensual sex (oral or vaginal in irrelevant) with another adult. Not a prostitute (which shouldn't be illegal in my opinion anyway but alas, I digress), not a minor. He wasn't a teacher and Monica his student. He wasn't her dad, or creepy uncle or 2nd cousin twice removed. He was the leader of the free world , she was willing and able. Not coerced, or manipulated or cajoled. He had something she wanted and he gave it to her.

In the words on King Henry VIII "Its good to be the king"

Eliot Spitzer

Now this jerk off hired a prostitute. Illegal. Get the eff outta office. I guess my biggest issue with this yahoo is that he blamed it on booze and then assumed "I'm sorry" was enough. Again, the wife should be the most pissed, but yes, what he did was illegal and therefore SHOULD have been removed from office. Of course as we all know, he did just that.

And last, one last one before I get off my soapbox...

David Vitter

David Vitter. Mr. Holy Roller himself. If you are going to preach about family values and moral responsibility, shouldn't you practice that? Don't preach to me the ills of drugs while you hit the bong. Don't chastise me for liking porn while you get your ding dong slobbered by a prostitute. Never tell me MY personal decisions are detrimental to the fabric of society whilst you are using my tax dollars to get your mistress an abortion. Instead say to me "Drugs are addicting and if you want, here is where you can go to get help. If you like porn great, but keep it away from the kids. If you want an abortion, do it safely and then take the steps to prevent an unwanted pregnancy in the future."

I just don't think that ones personal choice should affect their job as long as it is a LEGAL decision. I know people who have cheated on their spouse. I know people who have gotten a blow job from someone other than their wife. But that does not mean they should be fired.

I purposely left out the politician who came out of the closet and then did not seek reelection, because it is common knowledge that you cannot fire a person for their sexual orientation. To do so is illegal and just plain ole mean. Assuming he was doing a good job (and by all accounts he was) he would have got my vote regardless of who he sleeps with. Again, the person who should have the strongest opinion is his wife, and I really don't think it is anyone else's business.

I will have a lighter post soon... have a good holiday

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