Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where oh where has my government gone?

Or better yet.. what the fuck has happened to my fellow countrymen?

I don't like the whole "government is out to get me", "the feds are wiretapping my phone", "the government is trying to take away my freedom" thing.. but if that is your view.. I understand and you my friend are more than entitled to that opinion. I respect your opinion, I respect your personal right to have that opinion and that is all I got to say about that.

What I am NOT understanding is why do Americans go from one extreme to the other? I read a story online about a woman, who allows her 16 year old daughter to have a 24 year old boyfriend. Said boyfriend also LIVES WITH mom and the 16 year old. Mom KNOWS the two are having "adult relations". OK.. follow me so far? Now, daughter and boyfriend BOTH decide to tape a love making session. No copies were made, it was not posted on Youtube, it was not made public at all and daughter admits wholeheartedly she was aware she was being taped and CONSENTED to said taping. Still follow? Mom is ok with 16 year old dating 24 year old and they all live under the same roof. Mom knows they are fucking. SO, mom comes across this video. Now she is charging the boyfriend with rape. RAPE! Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?

What is wrong with this picture?

Lets touch on prayer in school. Everyday when I was in the 5th grade, my teacher Mr Jackson had us say the pledge of allegiance and asked that we bow our head. He would mumble something to whatever deity he believed in asking him/her/it to open our minds to whatever we were learning about that day. He also said if you do NOT want to pray, just stand silently while those that want to.. do. How fucking easy is that? I didn't pray. I usually looked at the book study guide for the test we were going to get. Or flip glance through my notes. Or look at the totally dreamy hair of whatever boy I was lusting after that week. My parents didn't care. I don't even think I ever told them. I guess I didn't see the big flippin' deal. Why do all these parents get bothered over that? Isn't there more important things to champion? Why not press for better background checks for school workers? Why not make sure the teachers are getting the supplies they need? Or getting the updated training to keep up with the pace of today? Or about getting the students the tools they need to succeed? The parents sure don't mind when the churches donate art supplies, or volunteer at that football games now do they? If the student does not want to participate in the prayer, they don't have to. But shouldn't they respect the rights of those that do? When I go to a banquet and they call for a prayer or a blessing.. I do NOT participate. I sit silently while those that want to... do. When I go to funeral, and they call for a prayer, I don't pray. But I do not stop those that want to from doing so. I don't go to church, but who am I to tell you that you cannot?

Why do people only vote democrat? Or republican? Why do I need a label? The person we elect to run our country should be voted into office because of what he can do. NOT because of the party he is affiliated with. EVERYTHING is the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT should be BIPARTISAN. There are things that are important and things that are not. There are things that are COMMON SENSE and it should be not under debate.

For instance.. child protection. Raping a child is wrong. Abusing a child is wrong. There should be no debate about this subject at all. There should be no "gray areas". You blacken the eye of a child, you deserve jail. You rape a child, you deserve jail. If you do not take care of your child, you should not have one. Give that child to someone who will take care of it. Done deal. Whats to debate?

Abortion is the woman's choice. Not religions. Not the governments. Not the politicians. Not societies. That is a woman's choice. Plain and simple. She lives the with consequences. Not you. Pray to your god about the soul of the baby that never was if you feel that is necessary. I sure wont stop you. Does abortion count as abuse as I have heard it argued? Not to me. That is your choice and God damn if that isn't the basis of our entire country.

Why the soap box today you ask? I was innocently watching TV this morning, when my S.O. brought up a story he received about a school changing the words of "Jesus loves the little children" to "Obama loves the little children" and is teaching them to sing that version.


Where is the parental outrage? Why are there no protests outside... parents waving signs saying " KEEP YOUR OPINION OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS" or "SCHOOL IS NOT THE PLACE FOR GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA". I just don't get it.

Why aren't the churches up in robes about that? Are the confessionals full of teachers and administrators begging forgiveness for slandering a beloved Sunday school song and bending it to the fit the school's definition of separating church and schools? There is no place in the school for religion but its ok if we replace Jesus with Obama.

Why not Satan loves the little children? Or Manson? I'm sure that crazy sum bitch LOVES children.

Why not For Obama so loved the world he gave his only.. no wait. That wont work.

Will Depeche Mode change the words to "Personal Obama"?
Will they sing about Little Lord Obama laying down his sweet head?

Government needs to be run like a business. When a business is failing, what does it do? Cuts back on spending, stops the bonuses, combine departments, downsize. Why doesn't the government downsize? How many interns do they need? How many assistants are necessary? Do they really need personalized stationary? Do the lights need to be on all the time? Does every person in the building need a copy of the bill? Cant they do it electronically?

Why not stop importing stuff and open the factories back up? Bring the jobs BACK to America and tell China and Japan, while we appreciate your cars, toys and domestic goods, we need to get Americans back on the job. If Americans have jobs, Americans will spend money. Then the other businesses will start turning a profit because we will be consuming more goods. They can afford their houses again, they can stop with the foreclosures and it will snowball from there.

See? This is why I should be president.

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amen sister! preach it girl!!!

vickie workman in 2012!!!