Tuesday, June 24, 2008

R.I.P Khaki.. you will be missed

Today I had to say goodbye. Khaki (12/26/07-6/24/08) was there when I needed comfort and style. Khaki was as close as close can be during the terrible snow storm when I didn't think I would make it home. Khaki was soft, and light, and oh so sweet smelling. Khaki never judged me, or asked me where I had been, or looked down upon me whilst eating my third doughnut of the day.

Khaki left me today at 12:30, while I was at work. Struggling the past few weeks just to get through the day, Khaki could no longer keep up. It was just too much and Khaki exploded outward, like a great rift in the earth when the pressure is just too much. When it was over, my only choice was to go home, and mourn Khaki. Later this evening, I will say a few kind words, and commit Khaki to Allied Waste, where Khaki can be recycled to yet one day live again.

And for those who totally did not get that...I ripped the arse right outta my pants today. At work. And would be my luck, I had on pink plaid underwear. Yeah. Talk about inconspicuous.

That is a phone book I put in the seat of my britches, just so you can see the magnitude of my arse-ripping today. Oh no, Vickie couldn't just have a seam split for easy fixin'. That would be too easy, how about we just rip that sucker open like a fat girl rippin' open a bag of bacon cheese flavored pork rinds.

To make myself feel better, I found a couple of other clothing mishaps. Hope you enjoy!

Any wardrobe malfunctions you care to share?

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Manuela said...

Sometimes that happens to me after I fart....